The History of TRISAND, Inc.

Our Mission Statement says it all.
It was in the beginning and it's what we are today!

TriSand, Inc. has been in business for over 9 years, however it's origin began 34 years ago. Art Sand started his own business from a mobile service truck in 1971. He appropriately named his company Art's Mobile Repair. He began establishing a customer base with local trucking organizations by providing mobile servicing to their equipment. He spent many days working around the clock to establish his company and in a few years he did exactly that. Within three years Art's Mobile Repair was able to invest in a two-bay shop on 1st Street in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

In 1974, Art was not only able to service his customers on the road, but also from a standard location. The two-bay facility had 250 square feet of space and was more than adequate to do necessary services. Art's business began to grow along with his customer base. Things were looking good for Art and within a few years he was able to hire employees.

In 1976, Art hired his first employee to help with his growing work schedule. The business remained strong and developed a good relationship with its customers. At this time Art's Mobile Repair was only a two man operation but through hard work and determination the business stayed its course of growth and within a few years more employees would be hired. In 1982, Art hired another employee, making it a three man operation. The business remained profitable and grew larger pushing a need for more space.

In 1985, Art's Mobile Repair moved again. Art decided to relocate to a shop on 5th Street in Eugene. The facility proved to be more than adequate because of its 5,000 square foot of space. Art was thrilled to relocate because space in the two-bay shop was becoming increasingly rare. The new shop enabled Art to expand the business in every way. His family was soon able to become part of his operation and within a year Art's son Mat became involved in helping him with servicing vehicles. Mat was involved with his dad's shop while growing up but did not formally become apart of the business until after high school in 1986. During this time Art hired more employees and the shop stayed on course for growth. In 1986, Art's Mobile Repair established a relationship with one of its closest customers to date, NPE Inc. Art began servicing NPE's 36 trailer's in 1986 and in 1987 began working on their first set of tractors. Through this period Art's son Mat immersed himself in learning as many facets of the organization as possible - leading to his position as next owner of Art's Mobile Repair.

Nearly 25 years after starting his own business, Art decided to prepare for retirement and lease his business to Mat and Mat's wife Sherri. The first year of the lease was a learning experience for them as they began to take over the business. Eventually, Art sold the company entirely to them so he could focus more on retirement. Through this period, Art helped Mat and Sherri establish themselves. At this point, Trisand went from a single proprietorship to a family owned and operated business. Mat and Sherri provided TriSand with a new identity allowing the company to build its own reputation but incoporate the foundation Art provided in the years before. As TriSand's opportunity grew so did its need of a readily available inventory. TriSand opened a parts department in order to control part requirements - both out-sourced and in-house. This was a vital step for TriSand to provide efficient access to parts for its mechanics and more importantly for less downtime to its customers. The new key departments allowed TriSand to run at a more efficient level. By the end of 1999 TriSand experienced another need to relocate and jumped at an opportunity to move into a six bay facility.

In January of 2000, TriSand moved into a six bay shop with the opportunity to expand and become a competitive truck and trailer repair operation. The new shop provided several positives. One of which was a more professional atmosphere that would appeal to a wider customer base. It also allowed more room and lighting in hopes the mechanics would become more efficient. The six bays were divided for TriSand's Trailer Shop and Truck Shop. The Truck Shop occupied four of the six bays while the Trailer Shop occupied the other two. In the past, the trailer shop began as a part of the company but was always at a different location. The new moved allowed both facilities to be side by side, creating a more unified operation. In January of 2004, TriSand expanded its resources by opening an Automotive shop. The three bay facility provided an opportunity for TriSand to expand it's horizon's and seek not only the trucking industry, but the automotive as well.

TriSand has seen alot of changes in 2005. During the '05 year the company has undergone some relocation for its Automotive and Trailer Shops. TriSand Trailer shop was moved to another building located in the same industrial park were its truck and auto shops reside. The new move allowed the trailer shop to have two more bays of space allowing more volume of services to be accomplished. The auto shop relocated as well for the same reasons. TriSand believes the new move will benefit it's projected growth. During '05 two new lifts were added, one in the Truck Shop and the other in the Auto Shop. By making improvements to how both shops perform their services, the company beleives it will see the benefit both in-house and on the bottom line. As 2005 comes to an end TriSand is excited what the next year will hold.


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